After Breast Cancer Surgery

After breast cancer surgery, most women experience a wide range of emotion. It is important for them to have a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. We realize that it takes some time after surgery before a woman is physically able to be fitted for a breast form. Most women are ready for a weighted breast form between three and six weeks post surgery.

A proper fitting, which can take an hour or more, is of utmost importance. There are a number of measurements that must be completed before selecting the correct bra and breast form. It is extremely important to feel comfortable. Discomfort should not be a part of the experience of wearing a prosthesis.

In the event that a woman should develop lymphedema, it is even more critical that the bra is fitted correctly. A bra that is either too loose or too tight can exacerbate the condition. Additionally, a form that interferes with free range of motion, or is too heavy, can also complicate the condition. A self-adhering form may provide a solution for lymphedema.

Women who develop lymphedema (some develop it years later) will probably need to be refitted for a breast form and bra. This could include a lighter weight breast form, an adhering breast form, a different shape breast form in addition to a different style bra.

Women who are going through breast cancer surgery and have the potential for lymphedema must be empowered with knowledge. If they are aware of the risk factors and the precautions, they will be in a position to lessen the possibility of acquiring lymphedema.